Iniciativa de protección

Iniciativa de protección

Equipping Survivors To Face Their Trafficker

Thanks to our extensive network of professionals throughout the nation, we are able to help survivors on their journey for justice. Survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation have an opportunity to address the court with a "victim impact statement." In this statement, they can directly address their trafficker, and help the judge understand the extent of how the trauma they experienced affected every aspect of their life. Our team works with them to successfully clear them from their trauma and reset their neuro-pathways so that they can operate completely FREE! We also provide spiritual counseling and walk with them in developing the most effective victim impact statement possible.

Witness In Courtroom

Recently, a survivor gave her victim impact statement her trafficker was ready to settle on a plea deal. After hearing how powerfully her statement was, the judge moved the plea deal off the table and sent the case to trial in hopes to that her trafficker will receive the highest sentencing possible.

Our Support of Safe Housing and Restorative Care

After running safe housing for a decade, our desire is to eradicate sex trafficking and exploitation issue and address the root of it, childhood sexual abuse. Getting ahead of the issues by equipping the education system, the Church, families at home, Criminal Justice System and Healthcare system is how we accomplish this.The Foundation United will continue to fund organizations that we vet based on need, but our focus is systemic transformation and training at the root level. Until we have end sex trafficking, we will fund safe housing and restorative care.