Iniciativa de protección

Iniciativa de protección

Creating A Standardized Language In Healthcare

Global Ambassador, Deb O'Hara Ruskowski is excited to announce two milestones for Global Strategic Operatives (GSO), formed out of a gathering at The United Nations. The GSO Human Trafficking training for Healthcare Providers Pilot Study has been completed, including multiple countries and reaching over 500,000 medical professionals! As a response to the global human trafficking public health epidemic, this policy establishes processes and procedures to guide healthcare providers' responses to trafficking victims in their clinical settings, creating a standardized language around human trafficking in healthcare systems!


In addition to the “Universal” Policy and Protocol submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO), GSO will submit and propose the “Universal Policy and Procedure on Human Trafficking for Healthcare Providers” for acceptance, adoption, and dissemination by the World Health Organization (WHO) to all healthcare providers and their organizations worldwide. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!

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Pictured: Deb O'Hara Ruskowski speaks to the UN