Iniciativa de protección

Iniciativa de protección

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Elizabeth Fisher Good, Founder/CEO

Dear Friends,


We are committed to getting ahead of sex trafficking and exploitation by exposing its root, educating the next generation and training the front lines. After a decade of running safe homes where we witnessed all that had been stolen from precious young lives and the funds, programming and teams it took to restore each life, we realized that the only way to truly eradicate exploitation is to stop it before it begins.

To accomplish this, we must transform systems that are in place to interrupt the cycle and intervene before it's too late - schools, families, churches, healthcare and criminal justice. Our heart is to empower these systems and change paradigms. Together we will protect children and ensure that victims are recognized and receive the services they need.

The Foundation United will continue to fund safe housing organizations which we vet, as effective after-care is still needed by countless survivors. Until we have eradicated sex trafficking, we will support this need.


I look forward to sharing so much more in our next newsletter... many amazing things are coming! I can't express my gratitude for your belief in what we do and your continued support.


Much Love and Gratitude,