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Iniciativa de protección

Iniciativa de protección

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Elizabeth Fisher Good, Founder/CEO

Dear Friends, 


My heart has always been for protecting children. Sex trafficking is an outcome of years of hidden secrets, shame and choices that shape victims. Shades of grey over the years groom who they think they are and what they believe they are worth.


Likewise, men purchasing young adults/children for sex is a result of secrecy, growing addictions and shame. The shades of grey that lead down a road of what they believed to be a victimless indulgence.

At The Foundation United, we are passionate about getting ahead of both of these pathways - the supply and the demand. We are passionate about reaching innocent boys and girls before they begin to endure years of abuse or addiction, ultimately resulting in a life of sex trafficking, far from their intended destiny.

Educating children on the realities of grooming, pornography and sextorcion is vital, especially as the average age of a child viewing porn or "sexting" is as young as 7-8 years old. Research now shows that neural pathways in our children are being rewired by what they are exposed to on smart devices. We can get ahead of it, saving the next generation and restoring those who are looking for a way out. 

I am overflowing with gratitude as I reflect on all that we have accomplished, with your help, and the truth that the best still lies ahead.

God bless,

Elizabeth Fisher Good


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