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"Si estás en la selva criando a tus hijos, no creo que hagas lo que hagas bien, importa mucho", Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. La Fundación Selah Way es clave para salvar a la próxima generación de una vida de secretos, vergüenza, coerción y abuso.

¡Somos la base del futuro! La Fundación Selah Way se creó a partir de nueve años de las mejores prácticas, mediciones, resultados y finanzas auditadas de Selah Freedom . Es una red de colaboración que une a los mejores y se enfoca en las iniciativas más efectivas para erradicar la explotación sexual y la trata. Estamos creando un escudo para la próxima generación, equipando profesionales en primera línea y brindando una segunda oportunidad a los sobrevivientes de explotación sexual. Estamos exponiendo la raíz del problema del abuso sexual infantil y luchando para erradicar para siempre esta injusticia de nuestro mundo. Al apoyar a la Fundación Selah Way, recibirá el mayor retorno de su inversión con resultados sólidos en el movimiento para terminar con el tráfico y la explotación sexual.

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Kindsey Pentecost is the Global Ambassador for The Foundation United's National Training Cadre. For over ten years she has served those who are at high risk of being exploited, have been exploited, and/or sex trafficked. She has an M.A. from Grand Valley University in Criminal Justice and has been published in the Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice with the article Explaining the Fear of Crime Among College Women. She is also the co-founder of one of the nation's first prostitution court diversion programs. Kindsey has a diverse background working in both non-profit and the business world. She is certified with the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute for Human Trafficking and has partnered with the local law enforcement to be the first point of contact for women identified as sex trafficking victims or at high risk to be recruited into sex trafficking. Kindsey has years of experience training law enforcement on the issue of domestic sex trafficking and has served on the leadership team of the Circuit 12 Coalition Against Human Trafficking. She has more than 1,000 hours in training in the field of human trafficking and has assisted on numerous human trafficking cases, search warrants and legislation changes to combat human trafficking. 

Kim Westfall is the Founder and CEO of Uncaged and Global Ambassador of The Foundation United. She is an entrepreneurial leader with nearly 30 years of experience leading and scaling successful for-profit and non-profit organizations. From 2006 to 2016, she served as Executive Vice President of Client Services and Consulting for Westfall Gold, a major-donor fundraising consultancy that has helped leading faith-based organizations raise more than $1 billion (USD) to fuel transformation worldwide.

Kim also served as U.S. Executive Director of Watoto Child Care Ministries, an organization that provides holistic care to vulnerable women and children in purpose-built village settings across Africa. In 2018, after being haunted by a vision of ‘children in cages,’ Kim launched Uncaged.


Deb O’Hara-Rusckowski is a critical care nurse by training with a BSN, MBA, and a Master’s in Theology with a concentration in bioethics. After working in healthcare and the private sector for 30+ years, she is now a Delegate for the Order of Malta’s Mission at the United Nations, focused on human trafficking and the global refugee crisis. She is the founder of Global Strategic Operatives for the Eradication of Human Trafficking. She provides educational and training presentations to healthcare providers, airline personnel, government employees, corporations, and universities on human trafficking. She works closely with Homeland Security and law enforcement. She supports an anti-human trafficking educational exhibit in Haiti that rotates regularly around the country. Deb participated in the Catholic Church’s new Pastoral Orientations on Human Trafficking at the Vatican.

Deb founded Nurses With Global Impact, Inc. in 2016 as a resource for nurses and to recognize those doing extraordinary work and making a global impact in healthcare. Deb is an active member of a number of non-profit boards: former two-term Board of Councilor with the Order of Malta, American Association, and continues as a member of the Medical Committee for the annual Lourdes Pilgrimage. Deb also sits on the boards of Malteser International Americas, RAD-AID, Int’l, World Youth Alliance, the Gold Foundation, and the National Catholic Bioethics Center. She is a former member of the CRUDEM Board for 8 years, chaired the Jerome Lejeune Foundation, was on the Board of Boston’s Healthcare for the Homeless Program for 5 years, and spent 4 years on the Board of the American Heart Association as Chair of Public Advocacy. Deb was the Director of Respect Life Education for the Archdiocese of Boston for 8 years. She continues to teach the late John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. She helped start up Pure in Heart, a 501(C3) young adult life and chastity ministry in Boston, Haiti, Kenya, Ireland and UK. 

The Foundation United is proud to have Rachel Thomas as our Prevention Global Ambassador, adding The Cool Aunt Series: Sex Trafficking Prevention for Teens to our Prevention Pillar. The Cool Aunt Series is more than an online course, it's an experience that can be done from the comfort of your home using any smart device. Using engaging and age-appropriate cinema, storytelling, lecture, and questions, the series walks teens through the STREAMS of Influence- - the 7 risk factors that lead to sex trafficking: Survival, Trafficker, Recruiter, Environment, Abuse, Media, and Solicitation.  After the series, teens have the opportunity to self-assess their risk factors and get 1-on-1 help if needed. The Cool Aunt Experience has been called "powerful", "amazing", "fun", and "life-saving" by teens, caregivers, and anti-trafficking experts. This series includes resources for parents and teens.

Rachel Thomas is a graduate of UCLA and a personal survivor of human trafficking. She has extensive experience teaching, training, curriculum writing, public speaking, and mentoring.  As director of Sowers Education Group and lead author of Ending The Game: An Intervention Curriculum for Survivors of Sex Trafficking, Rachel has helped millions to become more aware of human trafficking and has helped hundreds of survivors break the bonds of attachment to traffickers and the lifestyle of commercial sexual exploitation. Rachel is also appointed to the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. 

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Jessica Mass, Global Ambassador for The Foundation United, has had the privilege to work in non-profit assisting people in the US and over 20 countries, across six continents, to inspire and empower those who have faced some of life's greatest challenges for over 20 years. She has been an expert guest speaker for the United Nations, The Glenn Beck Show, Prager University, and many more media outlets.

Jessica double majored for her bachelor's degree in theology, and Education with an emphasis in counseling. She has a master's degree in Global Development and Justice. She also has been trained in NLP and is certified in the Teaching-Family Model. Jessica has a strong belief that there is always hope for everyone and sometimes it just takes one person pouring into another that will be forever life-changing. She’s worked at Operation Underground Railroad since 2015 and is the Vice President of Aftercare. She strongly believes in walking alongside others as they find hope, new perspectives, and a vision for their future.